Our Seal

The oval shape and the dark green border are meant to mimic the Rider/Waite version of “The World” tarot card, in honor of Pan as “all encompassing.” This border, along with the pale green of the oval background represent elemental Earth.

The motto “Rejoice, for Great Pan lives” in on a waving blue banner to connect it with the voice across the water declaring “Great Pan is dead” referenced by Plutarch . The motto is meant to be an answer to that statement. The banner’s blue color also represents elemental Water.

The Pipes are inscribed with the 7 classical planets, also called
Luminaries. Each reed, because it is a different length, produces a
different tone, just as each of the celestial spheres in which the
Luminaries were fixed was thought to have its own tone. The Pipes are yellowish in color, representing elemental Air.

The torch’s flame is made of stylized crescents, in order to evoke both the shape of the Moon and of the horns of the goat. The torch itself is colored red in order to represent elemental Fire.

The oval is topped with a small silhouette of Pan’s head, affixed to a border that surrounds all the other design elements. This is an attempt to symbolize that all these other aspects are combined into the whole of Pan’s identity.