Hymn to pan – 1

Great Pan, Lord of my Heart, Scion of knowledge and wisdom, Gate-keeper to the Underworld of our Souls, I ask that people’s hearts and minds be opened, their ears unstopped. May patience and love be what stills their anger and hostility towards that which is not of themselves. May the fear which they try to hide behind be stripped away, to illumine the God/dess within.

And may this prayer also be my own. May I learn from my own short-comings and faults, to transcend this mortal coil whilst embracing it fully. For in the union of thy blessed body within the temple of my heart, I shall know what it means for all barriers to be broken, and to truly know Thee. Thus, I shall come to know my Self.

When all walls have been cast aside, we will finally know Love, the Illusions that separate us having dissolved into divine ecstasy. For thine is the Dance, eternal and true. Thou art the Spark, and the Flame; the bow and arrow; the Hunter who guides the blade true.

Pierce my Heart, Hunter mine! Take down that which I hide behind! May I be not brittle or frail, may I be strong, yet yielding when necessary. May I always know my own worth, may I not hide my face or hang my head in shame. May I be proud to be who I am! For I am thy Lady, and thou art my Lord. So it has been from the beginning, and so it shall it always be.~~April Ayers, 11/18/11

I wrote this while thinking of many things, and also listening to the song “Green and Grey”, by Damh the Bard. There is so much I could add, but this seems appropriate for right here, right now…

Hail Pan, goat-footed, sure-footed He!

~ April Ayers