Public Events

Nymphs and Satyr William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1873.
Pan of the Sea-Cliff

Me, Pan, the fishermen placed upon this holy cliff, Pan of the seashore, the watcher here over the fair anchorages of the harbour; and I take care now of the baskets and again of the trawlers off this shore. But sail thou by, O stranger, and in requital of this good service of theirs I will send behind thee a gentle south wind.

 -Greek Anthology


Panoleptos 2016 public events

Kids Pan to Demeter race. At PPPD Saturday, September 24, 10am – 7pm 
Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park
East Catawba Street, Belmont NC 28012


Pan Fall hike. Oct. 30th South Mtn. State park.

* dates do not reflect hikes into the gorge, Bee and other workshops/info booths we will be doing in 2016.