Franz von Stuck

Nonnus, Dionysiaca

Let Pan my old mountainranger, proud with the longbranching points on his forehead, press Poseidon with unarmed hand and butt him with sharp horn, strike him full in the chest with those curving prongs, or with a rocky stone, let him break with his hooves the ring of Triton’s backbone where his two natures join.”



Each Sunday Panoleptos members, and friends perform a weekly libation in honor of the god Pan.  Because Panoleptos members come from diverse backgrounds, have varying schedules, and are in different locations, the weekly libation gives us a chance to honor Pan together dispite these obstacles.  We libate on Sunday because Sundays tend to be more relaxed for most people, which allows people to focus on the reason behind the libation.  Traditionally, libations to Pan consist of milk, honey, or wine.  However, our members give in libation whatever beverages feel appropriate to them.